Upholstery cleaning throughout Northamptonshire

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Care specialise in upholstery cleaning, providing a professional on-site service to revive your favourite chairs and sofas. Our upholstery cleaning service will remove stains and soiling caused by spills, pets and every day wear. Carpet Care has built success on the back of many years of experience and training, using only the most effective upholstery cleaning equipment. Contact us now for your free written quotation.

Upholstery cleaning

Specialists in leather care

Carpet Care use many years of experience and knowledge, along with specialist equipment to ensure we provide you the highest quality leather cleaning service. We can remove the most ingrained soiling, leaving the leather clean and nourished, helping to prevent fading and cracking. Our prices are highly competitive, with no hidden charges and free written quotations are available on request.

Carpet Care Upholstery

Helping to protect your upholstery

Carpet Care can apply professional quality upholstery protectors which will ensure durable soil and stain resistance for your upholstery. We use quality brand formulations from Prochem Fluoroseal® with Dupont or the latest generation of Scotchgard® Carpet Protector from 3M. Our high quality upholstery cleaning services are available throughout Northamptonshire.

Ten Reasons to Have Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

Enhanced Air Quality: Removes deep-seated dust, allergens, and pollutants, improving indoor air quality.

Extended Furniture Lifespan: Maintains upholstery fibres, preventing wear and prolonging furniture life.

Stain Removal and Prevention: Specialised techniques effectively remove and prevent stubborn stains.

Improved Appearance: Restores the vibrant look and feel of your furniture.

Odour Elimination: Neutralises unpleasant odours from pets, smoke, and food.

Healthier Environment: Reduces allergens, bacteria, and dust mites, lowering health risks.

Better Cleaning Methods: Utilises advanced equipment and eco-friendly solutions for thorough cleaning.

Fabric Preservation: Uses proper techniques to maintain fabric quality and appearance.

Time and Effort Saving: Saves you the labor and time involved in DIY cleaning.

Peace of Mind: Ensures your furniture receives expert care, reducing maintenance stress.

Professional upholstery cleaning offers a cleaner, healthier environment while extending the life and appearance of your furniture.

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